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DIY Aeroponics DIY Aeroponics DIY Aeroponics

DIY Aeroponics

Bubbler DYI Aeroponics System

The Bubbler type is actually a hybrid aeroponics/hydroponics system and is the easiest and cheapest of DYI Aeroponics system to build and operate. It often can be built from items that already exist in the household and is a good choice for your first attempt at indoor gardening.

The step and materials needed to build a Bubbler Systems follow:
dyi aeroponics

dyi aeroponics DYI aeroponics

DYI Aeroponics DIY Aeroponics



Low Pressure DIY Aeroponics System.

Here is how to build a simple low pressure DIY aeroponics system.  We are sticking with a low pressure design rather than a high presure system, since the precision required in the construction is more forgiving and the materials less expensive. If you want a high pressure system, which provides the most control over the process and produces the highest yields, we suggested buying a commercial unit or kit. For many people a low pressure system is adequate and will still produce a significant improvement over traditional gardening in terms of yield and time to market.

DIY Aeroponics DIY Aeroponics



DIY Aeroponics DIY aeroponics DIY Aeroponics

Get a multi cycle timer, preferably a short cycle timer, and program it to run the pump alternating wet and dry cycles. The wet cycle should run long enough to soak the roots and then the dry cycle long enough to allow the solution to drain back into the container. You need to experiment  with the timing of these cycles since it is dependent on the strength of the pump, the size and number of net pots and type of timer you have. Ideally, the roots should never be more than damp nor allowed to become overly dry and very short cycles are preferred. A typical cycle would be 5 seconds on followed by 5 minutes off.